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It’s Okay

It’s Okay

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As a therapist and counselor in San Francisco, I often come across people who don’t allow themselves to be happy. There are many reasons this happens and each is individual to the person, but it seems as we get older our commitments and responsibilities become so routine and pervasive there’s no time left to pursue joy.

Sure, we can find moments of happiness – a joke, spending time with friends and family, even watching a comedy on TV can create happiness, but we don’t allow ourselves to let go and shirk some of our responsibilities even for an hour or two.

It’s important to build those moments of joy into your schedule. Don’t fill it up with work, household chores, parenting responsibilities etc.. to the point that you can’t take some time to watch the clouds roll by, to smell the flowers, as it were. It’s okay to search for and find happiness. In fact, it’s crucial to your survival.

It’s Okay…

It’s okay to let the call go to voicemail.

It’s okay to answer the text later, or even not at all.

It’s okay to cancel plans and enjoy your solitude.

It’s okay to call in sick.

It’s okay to ask for help.

It’s okay to eat some carbs.

It’s okay to screw up.

It’s okay to sleep in.

It’s okay to let the dishes pile up.

It’s okay to take your vacation days.

It’s okay to unplug.

It’s okay to skip the event.

It’s okay to not feel okay.

It’s okay to not know everything.

It’s okay to say you don’t understand something.

It’s okay to fall apart.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s okay to be different.

It’s okay to fail.

It’s okay to succeed.

It’s okay to follow your heart.

It’s okay to be happy, you deserve it.


About the author:

Dr. Janna Fond lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. When not seeing clients, playing with her kids or working on her latest manuscript, she enjoys cycling, yoga and relaxing on the beach.

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