No Negativity for 24 Hours – Can You Do It?

No Negativity for 24 Hours – Can You Do It?

No Negativity for 24 Hours – Can You Do It?

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This is an excellent way to raise your vibration. Try to go 24 hours without thinking negative thoughts. Not only will you raise your vibration, but you will also become keenly aware how easy it is to slip into negative thinking.

Negative thoughts lower your vibration which makes it harder for the universe to deliver that which you manifest. The universe doesn’t understand negativity, it just delivers that which you focus on. If you’re focusing on negative things, that’s what the universe delivers.

Ever wonder why good things keep happening to the same people over and over, while they seem to pass you by? Odds are excellent that that person who appears to be lucky is actually focused on the positive and discarding the negative.

Like begets like, so if you’re constantly seeing things negatively, you’re going to attract more negative things to you. The more negative things that happen to you, the lower your vibration becomes and more bad things happen. It’s a vicious cycle, but one you can easily pull yourself out of. I’ll give you an example…

The other day I was at the grocery store, it was during their busy time when everyone was there to pick up something for dinner. I was in a hurry and all the lines were backed up waiting for the cashiers. Normally, this would irritate me and I would find myself thinking snarky thoughts about everyone ahead of me. I would judge their purchases and assume the worst about everyone. I’d stress myself out and then leave angry. I would carry that feeling with me to whatever else I had going on next. Since I was practicing a day without negativity, I paid attention to my thoughts. Instead of giving in to the negative thoughts and feelings I would normally have I looked around and tried to find something positive to focus on.

What I realized was that every person in the grocery store was doing their best. I was surrounded by people helping each other. Immediately I felt warm and happier. I felt blessed to be surrounded by so much positivity. It was a very powerful and incredible experience. In fact it was so powerful I thought of other things I could do that I normally would find negative so I could turn them around and witness the positive side of the task or chore.

Take the challenge to go 24 hours without giving in to thinking negatively. It’s not easy at first, you have to catch yourself before you fall down the negative rabbit hole, but once you start catching yourself it becomes much easier and soon enough you don’t even have to think about it. It might help to avoid things that you know will get up you upset – social media, cable news, that sort of thing. Once you’ve made it through 24 hours, there’s no need to stop, keep going.

Have a blessedly positive day!

About the author:

Dr. Janna Fond lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. When not seeing clients, playing with her kids or working on her latest manuscript, she enjoys cycling, yoga and relaxing on the beach.

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