• Can you Ask for Help?
    Can you Ask for Help?
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    Today more than ever we are connected. We’re connected online, through our phones, we have apps and platforms and even text messaging therapists – and yet most of us are still afraid to ask for help. The top reasons people don’t ask for help – because they don’t want to look stupid or weak. Additionally,…

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  • Finding your Purpose
    Finding your Purpose
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    Do you know why you are here? Many of us go through life without ever taking the time to find our purpose. Sure, we wonder what the bigger picture is about, but finding our purpose doesn’t seem a worthwhile endeavor when there are bills to pay and children to raise and laundry to fold. Finding…

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  • Manifesting Change
    Manifesting Change
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    Last week we talked about managing change, this week we’ll discuss manifesting change. One is coping with change that has been forced on you, while the other is bringing change to pass. Change is scary, and yet many of us want to change at least one or two things in our lives. We don’t like…

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  • Managing Change
    Managing Change
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    No matter how organized your are, change is going to happen. Managing change is something we all need to learn, because none of us are immune to change. One day everything is peachy keen and the next day it isn’t. It doesn’t matter the catalyst, when something different happens (bad or good) it changes the…

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  • Set Some Spring Resolutions!
    Set Some Spring Resolutions!
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    Now is the time to set some Spring Resolutions! If you’re like most Americans, you stopped any New Year’s Resolutions about a week into the new year. Spring is a great time for new beginnings. You see it all around you – flowers, trees, creatures –  everything is budding with new life. Spring is a…

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