• Benefits of Helping Others
    Benefits of Helping Others
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    Deep down we all know that helping others is good. Our parents and teachers taught us to share and to help those who are struggling or in need. We’re bombarded with messages of giving each day and yet many of us don’t know where to begin. There are many benefits to helping others of course. The recipient…

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  • Managing Stress
    Managing Stress
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    We all suffer from stress from time to time. Now that summer is over the holidays will be upon us and the days will be getting shorter. That can be a recipe for stress for many people. The lack of sunlight and vitamin D can be a trigger for SAD or seasonal affective disorder but…

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  • Managing Grief
    Managing Grief
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    There’s no getting away from it, at some point in life we will all experience loss and grief. Whether it is the loss of a beloved pet, the death of a parent or the end of a marriage or other relationship, loss and grief are a part of life. Everyone responds to grief and loss…

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  • Are you Falling in Love?
    Are you Falling in Love?
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    How do you know if you’re falling in love? As a San Francisco therapist, I get asked this question a lot. In the beginning of a relationship everything is new and wonderful. If you find you can’t get that new person out of your head, you might be wondering if you’re falling in love. Most…

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  • It’s Okay
    It’s Okay
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    As a therapist and counselor in San Francisco, I often come across people who don’t allow themselves to be happy. There are many reasons this happens and each is individual to the person, but it seems as we get older our commitments and responsibilities become so routine and pervasive there’s no time left to pursue…

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