• Happy Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a holiday not tainted by commercialization or the expectation of gifts. It’s simply about gathering with friends and family to celebrate all that is wonderful and bountiful in our lives. A time to be thankful. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are blessed…

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  • Raising your Vibration
    Raising your Vibration
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    We are all connected to the universe. The universe provides what we need and joins us together. When our vibration is strong and inline with the universe, we are able to alter the physical properties of objects around us. If you practice the Law of Attraction, it is our vibration that is the conduit to…

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  • Benefits of Meditation
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    In this ever increasingly hectic world we live in with non-stop news and social media, meditation is becoming more and more popular. For good reason, there are many benefits to meditation. Meditation can reduce stress which in turn can reduce blood pressure, lessen anxiety and a whole host of other positive properties. Mediation has long…

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  • Chakras for Beginners
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    In my psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, I work with people who need to heal. Healing in our lives can come from a multitude of methods – some extremely scientific and some that are more spiritual. Both are important in bringing about healing. There are many different ways to heal on a more spiritual level,…

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  • It’s Okay to Fail
    It’s Okay to Fail
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    We’ve all failed at one time or another. In all my years as a therapist, I’ve seen a lot of failure. In fact, most couples and individuals who seek counseling from me in San Francisco are here because they have failed at something. A failed marriage, lost job, broken relationship – people don’t seek a…

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