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booklargeOver-worked. Off-track. It’s so easy for our souls to stray far from where they belong, where they can learn, where we can be of the most use to others.

Don’t worry.

Everything will be OK.

After 20 years of helping people heal their minds and their relationships through my therapy practice, I’m proud to announce the publication of my first self-help book ‘Everything Will Be OK.’

When things weren’t going well for us, my mother would calm us by saying those exact words. Now, I’m pleased to present for everyone this simple theory: it applies to our personal relationships, our work and family, and addresses the health and direction of our souls. When we’re off track, over-worked (and who isn’t?), it helps us to hear that everything will be OK.

‘Everything Will Be OK’ is now available on Amazon in print and as a Kindle download. The book offers a number of methods to recognize when we’re off-track, how to get back on, and how to stay on the road to a rewarding life. It’s so easy to get away from where we belong. Now, a new book offers a road map leading the way back.


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Every book is inspired by a moment, a person or an event.

Everything Will Be OK started its journey when my mom, Ruth, passed away in 2011. Her life hadn’t been an easy one, but no matter what her challenges, she always managed to raise, protect and console her family and those around her.

Those four words of consolation aren’t just the title of a book: my mother often used them to my sisters and I to get us through some rough patches; so when I started writing the book, I did so believing that her words could bring comfort to a world in need of a simple message.

Who Should Read This Book

Everything Will Be OK is for everyone who realizes their lives have veered off-course or have ‘missed an off-ramp,’ as well as those who see things as just needing a little tweaking here or there. Both men and women will find something of value in the pages; while many examples are written toward women, I’d like to think there’s a common message and wisdom that men can learn from as well.

How the Book Came to Be

Everything Will Be OK has been like a pot that’s been boiling for quite some time. It’s easy to just accumulate ‘stories’ from our work and recite them; I knew that ‘Everything Will Be OK’ had to be different.

Rather than just say ‘a client once did this’ or ‘this reminds me of a story,’ I tried to craft a book that took the life lessons we all go through and put them out there as a comfort for the reader. Each anecdote is something that says ‘we’ve all been through this. Hey, I’ve been through this.’ I hope that readers see something familiar in these pages, along with a resolution that lends a little guidance.


Missing an Off-Ramp

A missed opportunity in life is like a missed off-ramp on a highway. And once we miss one, how do we get back on track? First, we have to first be able to take a good look at where we’ve been and where we want to go. I discuss this concept at length in the book: how do we recognize that missed opportunity and when will the next one come along?

As much as we may want life to be a certain way, for our endings to fit the story we wrote for them, we may in fact be working in the exact opposite direction of where we’re intended to go. This book helps us become aware of when we’re off-track, and offers specific, personal anecdotes on how to recognize new opportunities as they come along.


As a Couple, How Can ‘Everything Will Be OK’ Help Us Rekindle Our Love?

When couples recognize that their love has taken a wrong turn (or missed an off-ramp), it’s time to take serious inventory of their current relationship.

When a couple comes to me for therapy I immediately ask: are you just hoping that the other person will change? Or are you willing to put in the hard work to create changes within yourself?

The process outlined in this book is about opening up the communication lines and being able to talk with each other effectively. Could this person be a soul mate? If they were, and we’ve ‘served our purpose’ in their lifetime, what could you still learn from them? What are your expectations?

Only couples that both want to rekindle love can be successful. If one does and the other doesn’t, the work will never be effective. ‘Everything Will Be OK’ will help you to begin to evaluate the relationships you’re having, and recognize if perhaps you’ve outlived your usefulness in the other person’s life.


If I’m single, how can Everything Will Be OK help me find a good relationship?

Everything in this book is an opportunity to help learn about yourself. You’ll have an opportunity to ask about who you really are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and who are you meant to be with. Are they in your life now, but you just don’t notice them? What do you still need to learn and what type of person is the best to help you learn those lessons?

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