What to expect from Therapy

Therapy and/or coaching is for anyone who is feeling stuck, facing challenges and/or wants to improve their life. It’s not easy to admit we need help, but to acknowledge our imperfections and have a hand to hold in the process, theoretically, is a step in the right direction to make lasting changes.

Everyone wants growth and good life experiences, to live a positive life and have others along with you for the ride. We want to be authentic and genuine in how we live and how others see us, and when it’s time, we want to improve our lives – even improve the lives of those around us, especially our children. And we do that by making shifts in our life, frequently meeting forks in the road that force us to chose between two paths. It often means we need to make difficult choices, and that isn’t always easy.


My Personal Approach

In session, I’ll ask you what your goals are, what do you want to get out of the work with me. It’s very important that I know what you want to achieve because these are your sessions, not mine. The goals that we are working on are your and your agenda, not mine.

I’m excellent at asking questions and providing you with insight. All my clients have complimented these questions and they frequently say that they never would have thought to ask themselves those questions.
I am not quiet in session, like I’ve heard many of my clients describe their previous therapists.



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