As we bid a fond, or maybe not so fond, farewell to 2016 it’s important for us to be in the mindset of welcoming change. Change is inevitable. It is something we all must face throughout our daily lives. And change is good! As we grow through the various stages of life we tend to settle into routine. That can be extremely comforting, but as time goes by it can also be stifling.

If we want to live our best lives, if we want to grow rich from our experiences, we must be welcoming change when it comes. If you’ve recently, or not so recently, found yourself in a situation where things must change there are many things you can do to make it easier and even exciting.

Welcoming Change

  1. Control is elusive – We can’t control everything, and we shouldn’t. We can certainly influence events, but real control is usually out of our hands. If we want to be welcoming of change we must understand that we have little control and change is a normal state of being.
  2. Sit in it – When events unfold that we aren’t prepared for our first impulse is often to sprint into action. Sometimes, it’s better to take a moment and be calm. Sitting in it can be a way to absorb what is going on. A way to take it all in, reflect and then act with intention.
  3. Understand it – Change happens. Nothing in life is permanent and the sooner we are able to understand that concept the better we will be to embrace the changes that are sure to come. While this may be a scary thought, that nothing stays the same, it’s also comforting. The difficulties we face today will be but a mere inconvenience one day as well.
  4. Go with the flow – Life is like a roller coaster – it has its ups and downs. It can be scary and it can be exciting, all at the same time.

If you’re facing change and are having a difficult time embracing it, remember that there is beauty in everything, that change brings with it new and wonderful opportunities that might have never been presented if things had remained the same.

Have a Happy New Year!