No one would guess how you feel on the inside

You hide the pounding heartbeat, the churning stomach and the shaking hands.

You don’t talk about the nagging worries that keep you up at night and play worst-case scenario in your mind all day.

Anxiety can be lonely, embarrassing and scary.

It seems like everyone else handles life perfectly, but for some reason, despite how smart you are, you can’t get it together.

Sometimes you can’t find your voice, your strength, yourself.

I get it.

I spend most of my day talking to people just like you, and I know exactly what you’re going through.

So What Do I Do?

I lead you back to your voice. The real you. The strong you.

The you who speaks your mind unabashedly and knows you can handle any situation.

Anxiety makes us play small.

You don’t have to give it that power anymore.

Let’s find the place where the anxiety stops and you come though: Strong, Clear, Happy, Confident, Yourself.

Because the life you were meant for is on the other side of this anxiety.

It’s not a life sentence.
It’s highly treatable.

And you don’t have to live with it
One. More. Day.

Call or email me and tell me a little about what’s going on for you.

You might be surprised to learn how many people go through the same thoughts and feelings, and how much better things can get with therapy.


I am a highly trained, veteran psychotherapist with a doctorate in Psychology. I am proud of the level of experience, education and training I offer my patients, along with a strong presence of compassion, understanding and safety, that allows me to be a true partner in their healing.