What to expect from Therapy

Therapy is for anyone who is feeling stuck, facing challenges or wants to improve their life. It’s not easy to admit we need help, but to acknowledge our imperfections and have a hand to hold in the process, hypothetically, is a step in the right direction to make lasting changes.

Therapy can help you experience growth and discover healthy life experiences, to live a positive life and have others along with you for the ride.  I meet you with authenticity and integrity, and my goal is to help you improve your life.

Living your best life occurs by making shifts in our thinking, viewing things from a different lens and frequently meeting forks in the road forcing you to choose between two paths.

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

My Personal Approach

In session, I’ll ask what your goals are, what do you want from working with me. It’s very important that I know what you want to achieve and I stay focused on your desires.

I ask loads of questions and through this inquiry, I provide you with insight. My approach is personalized to each client, and I customize the work we do depending on the issues and who you are as a person.

I am a very interactive therapist, and that is one of the traits that all my clients find refreshing.  It is through our dialogue, my methods and tools that you receive the benefits and achieve your goals.



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