When you hear the word depression, you often think of sadness. However, true depression isn’t sadness; it’s the suppression of complex feelings. In other words, depression is emotions that are being pushed down and not felt or avoided. 

They are depressed and what results is a flat, hopeless and helpless feeling state. I work to untangle what lies beneath the depression to help people uncover the true complexity of what they are (not) feeling, and then to help them connect all the very specific dots of their unique emotional lives, including why this results in depression and not something else. 

Through this process, what has felt deadened, comes alive, and what has been paralyzing begins to loosen. What has felt hopeless and overwhelming begins to take on an understandable form that can be worked through and resolved. 

Depression brings with it sorrow, pain and yes- sadness, but I believe there is a story to the depression and I work with people to decipher this very personal story.

I have thousands of hours of experience, the highest level of academic degree and decades of professional enrichment and training.