I’m not licensed to prescribe meds. Only an M.D. (Medical Doctor) can prescribe medication, but I’m happy to work with your doctor if we find that’s the right choice for you. Many people discover they can feel much better in therapy without having to go the medication route, but I’m open to discovering what’s best for you.

First, you call me or email me at 650-400-3214 jannafond@gmail.com We’ll have a short 15-20 minute phone chat and you can tell me a little about what’s going on for you as well as ask me any questions you might have. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll make an appointment and get started.

That all depends on you and your goals. Some people feel better and get back to baseline quickly and they’re one. Others might have longer, tougher histories they want to explore or simply enjoy going deeper in self-knowledge. Your goals dictate how long we meet.

You can absolutely talk to your friends and that might be all you need. People often choose therapy when they find that chatting with friends doesn’t deeply change how they’re feeling on the inside. If you’ve been struggling for a while and nothing your friends say really helps, it’s time to take your life and your happiness more seriously. Help from a professional goes deep and wide. People find they can be much more brutally honest with someone who isn’t part of their daily life and social scene.

Call Me With Questions

If you have any questions and would like to speak to me directly, please give me a call or email me