Therapy is for anyone who is feeling stuck, facing challenges or just wants to improve their life and wants some help. I’m an active, involved therapist. If you are ready to feel good again, I’m here for you. It seems like everyone else handles life perfectly, but for some reason, despite how smart you are, you can’t get it together. I get it. Anxiety and worry make us play small. You don’t have to give it that power any more. Let’s find the place where the anxiety stops and you come through: Strong. Clear. Happy. Confident. Yourself. The life you were meant for is on the other side of this.


There are a few things you should know about me. I work fast. 25 years in practice, I know what works and I refuse to waste your time on what doesn’t. I tell it like it is. You don’t need a therapist who smiles, nods and tells you that you are great, but never points out blind spots, challenges you or guides you to meaningful change.


I walk with my patients every step of the way through real, lasting changes in how they think and feel. You get all the kindness with none of the malarkey. I’m strong and smart and I have my patients’ backs unrelentingly. My patients feel safe to be themselves with me without having to hide their thoughts, feelings or experiences.