A lot of things done by less-experience couples counselors are a waste of time and money.

Listen, I’ve been doing this for 25 years.

I’m just being honest.

You don’t need improved communication skills (because you’re not in a boardroom).

You don’t need help dividing up chore charts or learning some prescribed script to follow in every fight (because you’re not eight years old).

What You Need Is To Feel Connected Again

What you need is to speak up for yourself knowing you’ll be met and heard and loved.

What you need is a safe ship with a smart captain who makes sense of the chaos and conflict.

When I work with couples we go deep fast. You’ll stop seeing your partner as the “bad guy” and you won’t let yourself feel like a victim for one more second. You’ll be back on an even playing field, the way it was when you first met and that’s the place change happens.

Your Marriage Can Be Passionate Again.

Your marriage can be your sanctuary, where you are most alive, most able to speak up and be yourself.

Even after betrayal, even after hard times, things can get good again. I’ve helped hundreds of couples come through massive challenges stronger than before.

I know that calling for couples counseling is scary and that you’re hoping maybe with a little more time things will magically get better on their own.

The hard reality of marriage or partnership is that this rarely happens. Things tend to get worse over time until you take direct action on them and get help.

Therapy with a seasoned expert can save your marriage, bring. back the spark and create the strongest connection you’ve ever had.

Let’s talk. I look forward to helping things get better and better.

About Janna

Choosing a therapist is no fun!
When you’re in pain, you don’t have time for anything but the best and wading through websites for hours doesn’t help you feel better.
I have been helping individuals and couples just like you for 25 years and I’ve seen it all and heard it all. I know what works in therapy…and what wastes your time.