It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate your Valentine! No matter who your Valentine is – your significant other, a new relationship, your furry friend, your mom or dad or even your children, Valentine’s Day is wonderful reminder to all of us to make time for the relationships in our lives.

Remember when you were a kid and you shared Valentine’s Day cards with all your classmates? Remember how much fun it was to give those silly little cards, and how good it made you feel to receive so many symbols of friendship? You can still bring that joy to your friends, coworkers, Facebook friends, or just family members. Really, anyone who you think might benefit from a lovely reminder of how much they mean to you. Here are some ways you can celebrate your Valentine this February.

Celebrate Your Valentine

Cards – Drugstores are filled with rows and rows of greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. Choose a few cards to send to friends you haven’t seen in a long time. A greeting card is a wonderful way to connect with a friends whose relationship you cherish, but haven’t had time to prioritize lately. Jot down a little note telling them how much they are appreciated and suggest getting together soon.

Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate and the stores are filled with all kinds of wonderfully tasty selections. Share a box or two in the break room at your office.

Romantic Dinner – If you haven’t made reservations by now you’re probably out of luck, but you can still treat your sweetie to a lovely home made dinner (or catered meal from the deli, no one has to know you didn’t do the cooking). If you don’t have a sweetie, treat yourself to a meal you wouldn’t normally have, you’re special too!

Donate – There are a lot of people for whom Valentine’s Day is either just another day of survival or for whom it might be depressing. If you know someone who is saddened on this holiday think about spending some quality time with them. Volunteer at a senior living facility or a homeless shelter. Donate your time or money to the local Humane Society. Studies show our spirits are lifted with we give of ourselves to others, so give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and give of yourself.

As you might have noticed, aside from the cards and chocolate, I’ve tried to stay away from the more traditional gift such as Jewelry or those stuffed animals you see all over the place, and stay as far away from those four foot teddy bears as you possibly can! I don’t include the more traditional gifts that Valentine’s Day is known for because the day really is about showing love, and strengthening a cherished relationship – even if it is not a romantic relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to all of us to make the time and effort to build strong relationships. Now just remember to carry those feelings throughout the year!