Last week we talked about managing change, this week we’ll discuss manifesting change. One is coping with change that has been forced on you, while the other is bringing change to pass.

Change is scary, and yet many of us want to change at least one or two things in our lives. We don’t like our current career path, or maybe we’d like to get back into shape after years of letting things go, maybe we’d like to improve our personal relationships?

But before we get to that, just what is manifestation? In a nutshell, if you can dream it, it can become a reality.

“Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.” – Stephen Richards

Manifesting change is pretty straight forward. If you want to bring about changes in your life, you must first be able to imagine those changes. You must be able to see your life after the changes have occurred, and then act as if they have already happened. Or, what others have referred to as “fake it ’til you make it”.

Any change is possible, and actually pretty easy with these tips for manifesting change.

Manifesting Change

Meditate – Our minds are incredibly powerful. They can manifest good and bad, we just need to choose what it is we want to focus on. Meditate on the changes you wish to see, every day. In addition to helping you see yourself after the changes, it also keeps you balanced and in a state of peace. Meditation is good for the mind and the soul, practice it everyday.

Let Fear Go – Like attracts like, so when we focus on our fears we bring more of those fearful things into our lives causing many of us to get stuck in a never ending cycle of mediocrity. If you have fear, you must feel it and experience it. But then you must also let it go so you can make room for those things which bring you joy and peace.

Practice Gratitude – Wake up each morning and rattle off a list of five things you are thankful for. They could be the beautiful sunrise or the rain bringing life to the crops. You could be thankful for matching socks or the fact that you have a warm bed to sleep in. You might be thankful for a community that supports and loves you or for a loyal pet that guards and protects you. No matter your lot in life, there is something for which to be thankful. Focus on the good and you’ll bring more of it into your life. Focus on the bad and the same thing will happen. It’s a simple choice – give up the negativity and practice gratitude.

That’s it, it’s pretty simple, it just needs to be practiced on a daily basis. Your thoughts become your reality, so choose a great reality.

Here are several great books for learning more about manifestation.