If you can think it, you can achieve it. It’s true that our thoughts become our reality so why aren’t we actively changing our thoughts so we can have a better reality?

We can actually change the path we are on, simply by changing our thoughts. And this isn’t a new concept. Freud talked about it, Napoleon Hill wrote a best seller about it and there have been movies and countless conferences and speeches about it. Affirmations and visualization can change the trajectory of your life.

If you want to get out of a rut, change your career, write that novel, or become a famous ball player – chances are, if you’re to have any success, you will have to use affirmations and visualization techniques to help get you there.

Fake it ’til you make it

How many times have you heard the adage fake it ’til you make it? Most of us at one time or another have had to go in and pretend we know something so that we could actually do the thing. Learning and growing on the way. It was our desire to become that thing that motivated us to visualize our abilities even before we had acquired them.

The reason most of us don’t use these powerful tools is because most of us haven’t take the time to figure out what it is we want to be.  Sure, we have some vague idea that we want to make more money, we want to live in a better neighborhood and send our kids to better schools – but we don’t know how to get there so we remain stuck in our present reality.

Using Affirmation and Visualization 

Know what you want – In order to make changes you need to first know what it is you want. Sit down and write out all of the things you’d like to achieve. No dream is too lofty.

Create a Vision Board – A vision board is a powerful tool that many use to manifest their desires. You can use a bulletin board, a piece of wood or even create one online. Find images that represent the things you want to achieve. Each day spend time using the board to visualize the items you want to manifest. Click here to learn more about creating vision boards.

Daily Affirmations – Write out a list of affirmations. Affirmations are mantras you repeat with the goal of reprograming your subconscious mind. By telling yourself that you are deserving of your dreams, you replace the negative beliefs you’ve held for decades. We all practice daily affirmations, but most of us do it in the negative – I am can’t manage money, I hate my job, I’m overweight – these affirmations become our reality. By taking control of our thoughts, we can reprogram our subconscious which in turn helps us achieve our goals. For examples of affirmations click here.

Don’t worry if you feel silly at first. All new things can feel awkward. Each day choose a time when you can practice visualization and affirmations. Ten minutes is all you need to start, and just a quiet space away from the action and activity in your home or office. See yourself where you want to be in 3 months, a year, ten years from now. You’ll be amazed at how quickly affirmations can change the course of your life.

What have you got to lose?