Have you ever found yourself feeling completely overwhelmed and had no idea what to do about it? Have you ever had one of those days where everything went as planned without a hitch and without any effort? If you’re like most people you’ve experienced both of those kinds of days – sometimes back to back. We all experience ups and downs, that’s what makes life so rich and wonderful. Practicing gratitude in the moment can make those difficult days easier to embrace and helps to remind us to be thankful for the effortless best days.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, or are in awe of all that is going right, remember to be grateful. Practice gratitude everyday and you’ll find the lows don’t take you down as much and the highs are even more wonderful.

Gratitude in the Moment


In order to practice gratitude you must practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Whatever is happening around you – good or bad – accept it. Go with the flow rather than against it and you will sail through your troubles much faster. Each day think of a few things you’re grateful for. I like to do this using a gratitude jar because it forces me to write down what I am thankful for (and at the end of the year I get to revisit all of the things for which I am grateful).


Appreciate everything and everyone that comes into your life. The big things are easy enough – your spouse, children, friends – but what about the little things? Be appreciative of the beauty in this world. Try to notice the little things that bring joy to your life. It could be the morning song of a bird in the spring, a stunning sunset or the smell of rain before the downpour begins. Whatever it is, spend some time with it and appreciate it.


Spend more time with loved ones. In this day and age we tend to isolate ourselves, prefering social media and the internet to interact with people. Turn off the computer or smart phone and actually go spend time with those you care about. Plan a game night or weekend BBQ and reacquaint yourself with friends and family.

Give Back

Volunteering is a wonderful way to express gratitude. Not only because you are in a position of being able to give back, but also because you will meet amazing people along the way, people your day to day life might not have brought to you.