We are all connected to the universe. The universe provides what we need and joins us together. When our vibration is strong and inline with the universe, we are able to alter the physical properties of objects around us. If you practice the Law of Attraction, it is our vibration that is the conduit to the things we wish to attract.

Everything about us has a vibrational energy – our thoughts, our words, and our intentions all have a vibrational energy and the stronger it is the more powerful it becomes. Those vibrating at high frequencies are able to just about anything they set their mind to and able to achieve success without seeming to lift a finger.

Raising your vibration is actually quite simple, be mindful of your intentions and live with love and compassion. Pretty simple, right?

And yet, all of us can get mired down in the day to day low vibration stuff of hate, pettiness and anger. By being mindful, we can raise our vibration to that of the unstoppable. There are infinite ways to raise your vibration, these are some of my favorites.

Raising your Vibration

Unplug – Turn off your phone, walk away from your computer, turn off the TV. Sit in silence and be grateful for all that you have for 5 minutes each day.

Watch a Mind Movie.

Compliment a stranger.

Pay for the person’s coffee behind you with the intention of starting a pay it forward train at the coffee shop.

Call your mother, father, grandmother, sister, brother, best friend – anyone you love but haven’t made the time to connect with lately.

Give a hug.

Get a hug.

Do something creative – Paint a picture, knit a sweater, stack some rocks – whatever it is that makes your creative juices flow, get out there and do some of that.

Smile – A smile not only makes you feel wonderful – go ahead and try it right now, you feel better, don’t you? – it also makes those around you feel better.

Listen to music that’s been recorded at 528hz such as Imagine by John Lennon. Music at that frequency is said to resonate with the energy of love and peace.

Spend time in nature – Spending time in all that Mother Natures provides to us is a wonderful way to increase your vibration.

Take a walk – Walking is a great way to clear your head and reduce all those negative thoughts that take up residence after a long work week. Take a walk each evening, if possible, and you’ll feel your vibration rising.