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Unfriending on Social Media: Immature or Wise?

Recently, social media has - once again - turned rather divisive. With recent political events taking place people are once again unfriending each other at alarming rates. You've probably seen many people declare - If you agree with person at the center of the controversy , you can unfriend me now!!!! It works in the inverse

Unfriending on Social Media: Immature or Wise?2018-06-25T11:42:43-07:00

Do You Need a Social Media Break?

Do you need a social media break? You might if you spend more time looking at your phone than you do the person sitting across the table from you. You might need a social media break if you find yourself feeling anxious or angry, too. Social media is a great meeting place. It's especially wonderful for

Do You Need a Social Media Break?2017-01-27T11:02:07-08:00

How to Manage your Friendships during the Election

Only one more week until the 2016 Presidential election is over! If you're wondering how to manage your friendships during the election read on. Day after day, I see people unfriending and unfollowing their BFFs because they support a different candidate. This election cycle has been particularly rough on some of the best and deepest

How to Manage your Friendships during the Election2016-10-26T15:11:02-07:00

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