• How to Practice Gratitude
    How to Practice Gratitude
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    Wondering how to practice gratitude in the new year? No doubt you’ve heard of the many benefits of practicing gratitude and yet still the concept can be a little intimidating, if not outright confusing. Being a San Francisco therapist, I’ve noticed that humans tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. While…

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  • Welcoming Change
    Welcoming Change
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    As we bid a fond, or maybe not so fond, farewell to 2016 it’s important for us to be in the mindset of welcoming change. Change is inevitable. It is something we all must face throughout our daily lives. And change is good! As we grow through the various stages of life we tend to…

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  • Stress Management Tips
    Stress Management Tips
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    As the holidays kick into full swing it’s important to keep these handy stress management tips in mind. This time of year can be pretty hectic. As a therapist in San Francisco, I see more stressed out people this time of year than any other time short of a natural disaster. The economy is sketchy,…

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  • What’s Holding You Back?
    What’s Holding You Back?
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    This month we’re talking about making changes, setting goals and achieving them. What’s holding you back when it comes to reaching your goals? As the new year approaches, we’re all pumped up about the new goals we’re going to reach in 2017, and that’s great. Being excited about making positive changes is a great thing,…

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  • Setting Realistic Goals
    Setting Realistic Goals
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    It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about setting realistic goals. As the new year approaches it’s only natural that we look ahead and start thinking about the resolutions we’d like to set for 2017. Of course, looking forward is usually preceded by looking back. Most people don’t achieve the goals they…

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  • Surviving the Holidays
    Surviving the Holidays
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    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day of thanks spent with family and friends. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s also the official start of the holiday season, which for many can be a dreaded time. If you’re interested in surviving the holidays there are several things you can do right now. Surviving the Holidays Accept that things will…

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