How to Ask for Help

All month we've been talking about helping those in need. We talked about the benefits of helping others and how to help the recent victims of the hurricanes out east. Helping those in need or less fortunate is a great way to connect with community, to make the world a better place and to boost

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Managing Grief

There's no getting away from it, at some point in life we will all experience loss and grief. Whether it is the loss of a beloved pet, the death of a parent or the end of a marriage or other relationship, loss and grief are a part of life. Everyone responds to grief and loss

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Are you Falling in Love?

How do you know if you're falling in love? As a San Francisco therapist, I get asked this question a lot. In the beginning of a relationship everything is new and wonderful. If you find you can't get that new person out of your head, you might be wondering if you're falling in love. Most

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Ending Toxic Relationships

We've all had a toxic relationship at one time or another. Often, they will end on their own, slowly petering out into oblivion, where they can be forgotten. Other times, we need to be active in ending the bad relationship because it just won't seem to end on it's own. We've all had a friendship

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Our Thoughts Become our Reality

If you can think it, you can achieve it. It's true that our thoughts become our reality so why aren't we actively changing our thoughts so we can have a better reality? We can actually change the path we are on, simply by changing our thoughts. And this isn't a new concept. Freud talked about

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Managing Change

No matter how organized your are, change is going to happen. Managing change is something we all need to learn, because none of us are immune to change. One day everything is peachy keen and the next day it isn't. It doesn't matter the catalyst, when something different happens (bad or good) it changes the

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How to be an Awesome Step Parent

With half of all marriages ending in divorce, and most of those going on to remarry, it's import to learn how to be an awesome step parent. Even if you don't have any kids yourself, if you're marrying someone who has kids you're going to face some interesting hurdles. And it's not just about the

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Welcoming Change

As we bid a fond, or maybe not so fond, farewell to 2016 it's important for us to be in the mindset of welcoming change. Change is inevitable. It is something we all must face throughout our daily lives. And change is good! As we grow through the various stages of life we tend to

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What’s Holding You Back?

This month we're talking about making changes, setting goals and achieving them. What's holding you back when it comes to reaching your goals? As the new year approaches, we're all pumped up about the new goals we're going to reach in 2017, and that's great. Being excited about making positive changes is a great thing,

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